Watching TV can increase kids IQ

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Can watching TV increase kids IQ?

Surprisingly, the statement that kids’ IQ and verbal communication could be increased by watching TV is actually true. But how? Recent studies conducted show that kids’ brains are stimulated by music listening and training, which leads to improved concentration, working memory, logical thinking, and creativity. (Fujioka et al 2006;). Therefore, the more musically trained the brain is, the more successful a child becomes in other areas of education.

It is not the television channel itself, but what it teaches and inspires in the young viewers.

Ed Sheeran’s speaking problem
Everyone knows Ed Sheeran, but few are those who know that he had speaking difficulties for which he was bullied in school. All this changed when he started singing in a choir which made him stop stuttering and put the foundations of a future music career. Music is an empowering tool, that boosts the mood, helps kids with speaking difficulties to resolve them and leads to better overall performance. 

Children see, children do
Kids at young age are prone to adopt the behaviors they are exposed to. As mentioned by leading psychologist Robert Cialdini’s “The Influence”, kids are more inclined to follow their peers’ actions, instead of adopting parents’ guidance. So, when children see their friends at the same age doing something new, they are eager to copy. Kids want what other kids can do or have.

So, the big question is: What should we show our children? How could we use music to inspire and teach our children?

Music from kids to kids

Lolly Kids TV is the only kids music television in the world. Its mission it to show kids music from all around the globe, different cultures and languages, and has so far inspired hundreds of kids to take up music lessons and find their passion. Lolly Kids TV shows kids’ songs and instrumentals, along with step by step guides for kids’ dance choreographies. Lolly Kids supports over 5,000 artists, creating a new cultural wave of smart and talented young singers and dancers.

From a passive viewer, into a TV star.

Kids want to be seen, heard and to show their achievements. When you meet a child, they will always start singing a song, show you a painting or brag about their stuff. They actively want to grab their audience’s attention; they do not hesitate to start conquering the world. Lolly Kids TV, receives hundreds of songs of kids who have practiced their skills, and want more than anything to see themselves on the TV screen. That kind of recognition could be rarely received in other television programs, that are working just with a few established artists, and not with new and arising singers and dancers. It is a big leap, from being just a viewer, to being the star on the stage. And Lolly Kids enables kids to make that jump.

Kids are our future, and we are those who need to nourish their desire for knowledge, creativity and inspiration.

To get the Lolly Kids channel completely for free, email us at

Find out more on: , where you can watch the LIVE stream of Lolly Kids TV.

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