Gillian Lynne’s extraordinary example to children everywhere.

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Intelligence is distinct. Gillian Lynne, a woman whom most of you have never probably even heard of, is a prime example of that. She is a choreographer, and everybody knows her work. She did Cats and Phantom of the Opera. She was asked, how did she get to be a dancer. “It was interesting” she said.

When I was at school, I was really hopeless.

The school, in the 30s’, wrote to her parents, saying they think Gillian, an 8-year old girl, has a leaning disorder. She couldn’t concentrate, she was fidgeting. Today they would say she had ADHD, but this was the 1930s, and ADHD, hadn’t been found at this point.

Gillian went to see this specialist. In this oak-paneled room, she was there with her mother, and she was led and sat on this chair at the end.

She sat on her hands for 20 minutes, while the doctor talked to her mother about all the problems Gillian was having at school.

And at the end of it, because she was disturbing people, her homework was always late, the doctor went and sat next to Gillian and said, “I’ve listened to all these things your mother’s told me. I need to speak to her privately. Wait here. We won’t be very long.” He then turned on the radio that was sitting on his desk. And when they got out of the room, he said to her mother “Just stand and watch her.” And the minute they left the room, she was on her feet, moving to the music. And they watched for a few minutes, and he turned to her mother and said, “Mrs. Lynne, Gillian isn’t sick. She’s a dancer. Take her to a dance school.”

Gillian isn’t sick.

She’s a dancer.

When Gillian was asked what happened next, she said “She did. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was. We walked in this room, and it was full of people like me, people who couldn’t sit still, people who had to move to think.”

… full of people like me…

people who had to move to think.

They did ballet, they did tap, jazz; they did modern; they did contemporary. She was eventually auditioned for the Royal Ballet School. She became a soloist; she had a wonderful career at the Royal Ballet. She eventually graduated, founded the Gillian Lynne Dance Company, met Andrew Lloyd Webber. She’s been responsible for some of the most successful musical theater productions in history. Recently they named the New London Theater after her, now it’s called the Gillian Lynne theater.

She’s given pleasure to millions with Cats & Phantom of the Opera,

and she’s a multimillionaire.

That’s why we created Lolly Kids TV, the only kids’ music channel. Lolly Kids is about children that need to express, that love to sing and that speak the language of dance. A channel where kids from nearly all counties in the world participate, by singing, dancing, performing their original songs and cover music videos.

Lolly Kids TV,

the only kids music channel in the world.

And Lolly Kids TV is also a platform where every child that is talented and has the gift of music and dance, can share their videos, they can send them to the Lolly Kids website and become part of the Lolly Kids channel. So we are encouraging every cable operator, television provider, telecom and OTT platform to get the Lolly Kids TV channel, add it to their main package and gift this channel to their children viewers, because we know there are more Gillian Lynnes out there.

It is our mission to find those

Gillian Lynnes.

To help them express and be the next big names in music. All of us need to help this young generation of singers and dancers grow and Lolly Kids TV is the only kids’ music channel in the world that can do just that.

FREE for all television providers.

Lolly Kids TV is available for free for IPTV, DTH, Cable and OTTs with global territory rights. Orange, Etisalat, Ucom, Subisu Cable, Bulsatcom and dozens of other operators are already helping children find their passion with Lolly Kids. Be the next one, get Lolly Kids TV for FREE

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